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Monday - Sunday delivery for 13 weeks for $53.87. (Rate includes a one time activation fee of $4.95) (50% off regular home delivery rates)
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Print delivery available within the newspaper distribution area only. By submitting your address and/or email, you understand that you may receive promotional offers from GateHouse Media and its related companies. You may unsubscribe from receiving any such email offers at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in any of the emails you may receive. The advertised price does not include the additional charge for the Thanksgiving premium edition. The Thanksgiving premium edition is published to provide additional information and value. Rather than bill you up to $6 for Thanksgiving premium edition, you agree that the length of your subscription will be shortened in proportion to the value of the Thanksgiving premium edition if published and delivered to you during your subscription period. As an illustrative example, if you select a subscription of up to 12 weeks at a cost of $48.00, and the Thanksgiving premium edition at $4.00 is published and delivered to you during that subscription period, your subscription will be shortened by 1 week because the weekly cost of the subscription is $4.00 per week and the Thanksgiving premium edition charge totals $4.00. You will not be charged for any premium edition if your subscription period does not include the Thanksgiving holiday. If you sign up for our Ezpay program, your subscription will automatically be charged to your credit card 0 to 14 prior to your current expiration date, for the duration of your subscription or until you notify us otherwise. For more information or to cancel your subscription please call 330-580-8500.